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Using The Basecamp InQb8r Platform

Quick Access Links

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Platform Support and Feedback

If you need account or technical support, please submit here.

Please give us feedback here.

Orientation for new members: PLEASE START HERE

Account Dashboard Page

This is the main account dashboard page.  Please bookmark it as the login page.


They will be emailed to you, which includes your username (email) and password, which you can change from this page.

Where to start

We suggest the following to help you get started quickly:

  1. Start with a quick review of the University Section and how it is organized.
  2. Following that, jump into the Growth Stack, because it is a powerful growth approach and might give orientation on where to go with your company.
  3. From there, you can access the University Sections in the sequence laid out (which mirrors the Growth Stack roadmap) or access specific sections as you need.
  4. We post content to the Knowledge Boards constantly based on what we see going on in the marketplace and what is working that you might be able to apply to your company.  The Knowledge Boards are also a forum for posting helpful content for others and Q&A. If you have any questions, please post there and we will answer them. Please be sure to read the first time user’s sticky post.
  5.  Data Platform Overview & Reports: we suggest you review each dataset contained in this section and the notes on each page to help orient you to how it might help you.
  6. The Calendar includes online events that we hold for members.

How to stay current on what we add/change in the platform

You will be subscribed to our newsletter that goes out 2-times per month with content and platform updates. Please whitelist [email protected] in your email account.  We designed our emails to be quick reads so you can easily grasp what has been added or changed in the platform to see if it is relevant for you.  Our emails are blog posts first, which we build through the course of each 2-week period, then copy and paste that into an email which goes out at the end of the period.  See those update posts here.

Questions about the content on Basecamp InQb8r or about how to develop, launch and grow your company

Submit them to the Knowledge Boards and we will answer them.

On your first visit, please do this

On your first visit, please help us make the platform better by submitting to the Resources Database and the Distribution Database. We can’t know everything, and we need the help from our members to improve our datasets for everyone. You can also submit to the Company Database.

We will periodically remind members to contribute to Basecamp InQb8r, but if you can at least help us out on your first visit, everyone benefits.

Either on your first visit or in the very near future, please contribute more of your company information to help improve the database

We want the value in Basecamp InQb8r to be more more than the sum of its parts. Pooling our collective knowledge and expertise is the best way for us to help each other.  Please submit more of your company information on this page, which becomes part of the Company Database that members can access.  We will bug you for this information if we do not see if soon.