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My Name is Ed Soehnel and I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, starting my first company in College when I was 18 years old.  Since then, I have sold one,  built another 6, crashed 2, and worked on so many other ideas that I have lost count. I am the founder of Basecamp InQb8r.

Over the years, I kept seeing the same sets of problems with consumer goods startups:

  1.  They lack knowledge and experience, so they make mistakes and burn precious cash and time, which dramatically increases the chances of failure;
  2. There are incubators and accelerators from which to apply to get knowledge and capital, but most of these programs are geographically focused, requiring the startup to move, and there is on average only a 3% acceptance rate into them, which means most startups miss out on getting valuable knowledge;
  3. Hiring consultants is expensive and burns precious cash that a startup needs to grow.

As a result, I set out to create Basecamp InQb8r to help solve these problems, with the following components:


University teaches the comprehensive basics to develop, launch and grow a consumer goods company, while also staying current with industry and marketplace practices.

It contains content, methodologies, processes, tools, spreadsheets, diagrams, resource lists, research, data and software, organized to take a startup from idea to $50 million in annual sales.

Regardless of whether you want to stay small and private or grow large with investor participation, University teaches the fundamentals that matter regardless of size.

University is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way for you to come up to speed fast on what you need to do, how you need to do it, and a general plan you can follow.  It compresses my decades of consumer goods startup experience so you don’t have to spend years learning and making the same mistakes I did. 

And, I keep it updated.  I built University in such a way for me to use it daily myself and amend it as needed to stay current. It is not like a business book that gets written and may become outdated within 6-months.

Click here to see the curriculum. A new page will open to my sitemap page and you will be taken to the anchor position where the curriculum is located.

Knowledge Boards

The Knowledge Boards are where I post current strategies and tactics working in the marketplace as well as other key news and trends.

I do lots of reading, research and am interfacing with industry contacts all the time, not to mention the one-on-one work I do with startups through mentoring, advising and consulting.  Anything relevant I post here.

Calendar With Open-Office Hours

I hold open-office sessions weekly where InQb8r members can pop in to ask specific questions or get help for their particular situation.

The calendar has those dates and times.

Connecting and interacting with members is really important to me as I find great satisfaction helping others and learning what they are doing.

Sometimes no matter what you learn through reading or research, you just need to be able to quickly access an expert to check your thinking or get unstuck about something.

Basecamp InQb8r Datasets

The datasets available are as follows:

  1. The Company Dataset collects different qualitative and quantitative data points on companies.  The purpose of the dataset is to allow Basecamp InQb8r members to learn from companies in the dataset to follow and model in their own company.
  2. The External Dataset are data sources or specific datasets either publicly available or for purchase that may be useful for a consumer goods company. The purpose of this dataset is to serve as a directory of potentially useful data sources that consumer goods companies can use to help grow.
  3. The Workflows Dataset includes examples of or actual workflows used in data science projects for a consumer goods company.  The purpose of this dataset is to give examples of data analysis and data science workflows that a consumer goods company can model to use in their company.
  4. The Data Science Use Cases Dataset includes generic examples and specific examples used by companies.  The purpose of the dataset is to allow Basecamp InQb8r members to learn from companies in the dataset to follow and model in their own company.
  5. The Resources Dataset includes resources I find for startups and growing consumer goods companies, including education/knowledgebases, mentors/advisors, networking/events/tradeshows, accelerators, incubators, seed/angel investors, venture capital/private equity investors, lenders, crowdfunding, M&A and consolidators.
  6. The Vendor Dataset includes vendors with offerings that may be helpful for growing a consumer goods company.  Those on this list have more unique and differentiated offerings.  This list is skewed towards vendors with data science related products and services.
  7. The Distribution Dataset  includes distribution companies , including platforms, resellers, retail, wholesalers, and affiliates.


The goal for incubator members is to build into their companies the following top line fundamentals.  If entrepreneurs can successfully do all five, they are more likely to be successful.  Basecamp InQb8r’s content is designed to support these five elements.

  1. Capture customer’s attention.  Your products or something about your company have a “WOW” factor that grabs consumers quickly. You solve a problem, pain or satisfy a customer’s desire in a noticeable way.  Think cheaper, faster, better, and/or more convenient than competing products.
  2. Defensible– can include any of the following:
    1. you have a patent or the potential for a patent;
    2. your products are hard to copy;
    3. you have a proprietary or close to proprietary way of selling and distributing;
    4. you collect data on your customers that is unique and which no other company can collect or is very hard to do so;
    5. or, anything else about your company that makes you unique that customers desire which is hard to copy or duplicate.
  3. Repeat purchasers.  You are not constantly having to replace lost customers with new ones.
  4. Scales up.  You can grow to serve a lot of customers, which by nature defines a typical consumer goods company that gains economies of scale with growth, but further means that the supply chain is not overly fragile. Your supply chain and production are closer to your customers, which means doing all possible to source supply and produce in the same country that you sell.
  5. Profitable at a 20% net margin that is sustainable.  Sustainable means several things:
    1. You have good cost control in your cost of goods sold, your marketing acquisition costs and your operating expenses;
    2. Your products and operations minimize or even reverse resource depletion and minimize or offset environmental impacts;
    3. Your products lean towards consumer staples and not discretionary, so they sell well in most any economic environment.

If an incubator member is executing successfully on these top-line fundamentals or shows strong potential to do so, I may be open to investing.

The process is to become a member, learn how to build in these top line fundamentals through my content, start executing, and then as the startup shows progress and success, they may become a candidate for funding.  If a startup is not yet executing on these top line fundamentals but believes they have strong potential to do so, they can still apply for funding.

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Testimonials From Bosses, Colleagues, Clients, Advisees, Mentees & InQb8r Members

I do not ever ask for testimonials or upvotes, but let my work speak for itself. Everything listed below came from people who provided endorsements on their own.

Very high quality presentation and materials. I FEEL EMPOWERED WITH THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDED to start off on the right track.

A.C., Idea - no company yet

I really appreciated the breakdown of phases in your growth stack. I APPRECIATED ALL OF THE POINTS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF DIRECT MARKETING.

N.C., Idea - no company yet

I really enjoyed the content.  VERY COMPREHENSIVE AND WELL ORGANIZED.

A. T. , Juviv

This is probably the MOST USEFUL AND INFORMATIVE FEEDBACK WE HAVE RECEIVED IN THE HISTORY OF OUR BUSINESS. Your points about the price and lack of items could very well be the reason we are overlooked.

Your practical, hands-on, executive leadership, time-tested methodologies, and laser-focus MAKE YOU AN INDISPENSABLE ASSET TO ANY TEAM serious about growing its brand leveraging the full capacity of the online sales and marketing channels.

F. K. , Brainetics

I so appreciate you taking your own time to offer feedback! Thank you so much for your kind response and EXCELLENT BUSINESS ADVICE!

L.B, Idea - no company yet

Wonderful speaking with you today. Thank you for taking the time to LEARN MORE ABOUT MY COMPANY AND FOR OFFERING TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE with me. I am very appreciative of the opportunity.

I’m very impressed with the amount of work you’ve put into this website. IT’S AN INVALUABLE TOOL for anyone looking to start or grow a CPG brand.

T.B, Idea - no company yet

Thanks so much for taking the time out to speak with me and BE A SOUNDING BOARD. I found the conversation incredibly helpful.

Your INSIGHT TO THE MARKET PROVED INVALUABLE to us being a small start-up company with no experience.

R. B. , Nova Monda

I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY YOUR ACCURACY, as I am operating a start-up at the moment (granted we are well past start-up phase) and driving hard to achieve the metrics you set.

I’m still learning about everything you have written in the website, WHICH IS FANTASTIC AND THANKS FOR SHARING EXPERTISE ON THIS

Thank you for the feedback, Ed. VALUABLE INSIGHT AS USUAL. THANK YOUR FOR OUTLINING THIS SO CLEARLY. I will dig through and see if anything jumps out.

M. D., Candor

I’ve been studying your workbooks – Growth Approach, How COGS impacts…selling to retail, etc. YOUR CONTENT IS THE MOST INSIGHTFUL RESOURCE I’VE FOUND IN THE 18 MONTHS I’ve worked on my food company.

I’m just wrapping up the editing of our video and have to say – it’s one of my favorites. THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE GREAT INSIGHTS for the audience.

You are a NEW BUSINESS SAVANT CONNECTING THE DOTS in a way that drive sustainable business growth.

L. S., Launch Pad

The day Ed left to go on to other things, I SAT IN HIS EMPTY OFFICE AND CRIED.

C. S. , SSHDC, Inc.


T. K. , TWSN, Inc.

You joined our company when all we had were early product concepts and was VITAL IN HELPING GROW THE BRAND to almost $50M in consolidated revenues within 3 years.

A. M. , Fullbar

Your INSTINCTS FOR LAUNCHING OUR LAST PRODUCT WERE SPOT ON and we will want his help for our next product.

W. F. , Veri Peri


A. J. , Ionic Sport

WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE, we would not be as confident in our future.

J. A. , Idea - no company yet


R. G., Idea - no company yet

Was INSPIRED AFTER SPEAKING WITH YOU at the pitch slam event.  We’re ramping up the online sales channel, and I knew I had to circle back to reconnect.

G.F., Remeteas

I downloaded your “Marketing Campaign Goal Metrics” spreadsheet recently. THANKS FOR MAKING USEFUL DOCS LIKE THIS AND MORE FREELY AVAILABLE!

I’ve just finished “The Growth Stack” and “Strategy” chapters on your site and very impressed with all this information! DEFINITELY, YOUR COURSE FALLS INTO “WOW PRODUCTS” ITSELF. 

LOVED YOUR BLOG POSTS. Very informative!

I’d like to express my PROFOUND GRATITUDE for your generous sharing of HIGHLY VALUABLE info and expertise on your platform. It’s very much appreciated. 

G. N., Love Good Fats

I can’t thank you enough for all of your guides and tips on Retail . They are like a GOLDMINE for me,  keep rocking on, you are helping so many.

R.B, Love Good Fats

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Any startup worldwide but my platform content is built in context of US and Canadian markets, which may extrapolate well to other developed markets but less so in under-developed markets.


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