Data Platform

Datasets & Reports for University & Calendar Product Access

Datasets & Reports for Knowledge Board and Data Product Access

The Company Database collects different qualitative and quantitative data points on companies and includes Basecamp InQb8r members and non-member companies.  The purpose of the database is to allow Basecamp InQb8r members to learn from companies in the database to follow and model in their own company. Please click here to see a complete list of data points we collect and the analysis included.  Access it here.

The Resources Database includes resources we find for startups and growing consumer product companies, including education/knowledgebases, mentors/advisors, networking/events/tradeshows, accelerators, incubators, seed/angel investors, venture capital/private equity investors, lenders, crowdfunding, M&A and consolidators.  Access it here.

The Distribution Database includes distribution companies , including platforms, resellers, retail, wholesalers, and affiliates.  Access it here.

Datasets & Reports for Discovery Database Product Access

The Discovery Database captures all Canadian and U.S. consumer product companies – from very-early stage through conglomerate – in one database, which can be used to filter and analyze data across different variables to identify startup and product trends, understand the competitive landscape, who is gaining traction and why, and much more. This database is not yet available and used only as part of our consulting services with clients.  Access it here.