Basecamp InQb8r Application

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Consumer product startups with physical products can join the startup incubator. This includes direct-to-consumer (also called business to consumer – B2C) and/or wholesale vendors (also called business to business to consumer – B2B2C).
  • All startups, including ones in the idea/pre-launch phase are encouraged to join.
  • Based in Canada or the United States.

Applications are pre-screened to ensure they are a consumer product company with sufficient data that adds value to the data platform. After applications are pre-screened, applicants gain access based on my timing to process them.

Application steps and process

  1. Complete the startup incubator application below with qualitative and quantitative data on your startup/company. Once I have reviewed and approved your application, your submitted data will become part of the startup database on the platform.  Please complete the application with as much data as possible, but up to the level that you are comfortable sharing.  But, the more data the better, as everyone benefits. I want the value in Basecamp InQb8r to be more more than the sum of its parts. Pooling our collective knowledge and expertise is the best way for us to help each other. By submitting your data via the database, you will also get access to see what others are doing to help you in your startup. Outside angel investors, private equity and venture capital firms, research groups and government agencies can purchase subscriptions to the database, so your information is a way for startups to get on the radar of investors, which is why the integrity of the data that the startup submits is important. The consumer products category is bigger than technology, yet the funding landscape is not well-developed like it is in technology. More and more investors want access to this space, which Basecamp InQb8r can help in this regard through the database.
  2. Once submitted, I will respond with timing for processing your application.
  3. Once your application has been processed, I will do the following:
    1. Publish your data from the application below to the startup database, which is only accessible to platform members;
    2. I will notify with login credentials to access your account.

Application Form

The startup incibator application has several sections to complete, and you can go back and forth to each section if you need to make changes before submitting.  After you complete the personal information below, the sections include the following: (1) company; (2) strategy; (3) income and expenses; (4) balance sheet.   Current Status:  the application has some formatting issues that I am fixing, so instead, please complete your application using a Google Sheets template.  Instructions:  (1) open sheet and save a copy to your account; (2) complete it; (3)  send me a link to it from the contact page.