Join Basecamp InQb8r

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Consumer product startups and companies with physical products can join the startup incubator. This includes direct-to-consumer (also called business to consumer – B2C) and/or wholesale vendors (also called business to business to consumer – B2B2C).
  • All startups and companies, including ones in the idea/pre-launch phase are encouraged to join.
  • Selling in Canada and/or the United States markets.

Applications are pre-screened to ensure they fit the requirements listed above.

Current Platform Status

You can click here to check the current status of applications processing from the most recent platform update post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions about cost, time commitment, what we do with your data, and other important details.  For any other questions, please contact us directly.

Next Step

Please complete the application form below. Once submitted, we will followup with your access credentials.

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