This is an analysis taken from our Company Database, which we have copied out and pasted here for public view.  The Company Database collects different qualitative and quantitative data points on companies and includes Basecamp InQb8r member and non-member companies.  The purpose of the database is to allow Basecamp InQb8r members to learn from companies in the database to follow and model in their own company.

Company Name: Last Swab

Address: Copenhagen,Denmark


Projected/Actual/Estimated: Estimated

Company Status: Post Launch Stage

Product Description: reusable cotton swab

Product Categories: Body Care

Product Sub-category:

Date Started: 01/01/2018

Patents: None

Unique Selling Proposition/WOW Factors:

  • Reusable cotton swab
  • different end points for different applications
  • Lasts for 1000 uses

Distribution Channels: Direct

Distribution Categories:

Number of Distribution Points:

Marketing Strategies and Channels:

  • Technology stack: Shopify
  • Grass roots marketing: Kickstarter, social
  • Email
  • Co-marketing with other companies/partners
  • Value prop and main copy and top message: Reusable cotton swab
  • Basic call to actions
  • Demographics/target customer:
  • Offers – none
  • Landing Pages/Funnel – appears to be no free shipping

Customer Retention Strategies: Email; UK on others without making purchase

Resource Sustainability Strategies: Product is about sustainability and reducing waste.

Risks: Copy cat products

Average SRP or Avg Order Value $; $24.00

Gross Revenue: $2,800,000.00

Gross Revenue Range: $2,000,000-$9,999,999

Returns %: 2.00%

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) %: 15.00%

Marketing %: 40.00%

Return on as spend (ROAS): 2.50

Sales/Tradespend %

Operations %: 40.00%


Customer Lifetime Value $:

Customer Acquisition Cost $:

Repurchase Rate %:

Units Sold Per Week: 5000

Funding Raised $: $1,600,000.00

Funding Structure: Crowdfunded

Revenue-to-funding: 1.75



Monthly Burn Rate:

Additional Information and/or Summary:

  • Average order value is probably low – under $75 for benchmark online operations to succeed, but product cheap to ship.
  • Repeat purchase rate probably low due to long-life of product.
  • Would it make sense to do more color combinations or decorations on the applicator and case to give it more “whimsy”, especially for the beauty market?.
  • Could it capitalize on WOM marketing especially in beauty market.
  • Product cheap to ship, small, so takes up less warehouse space.
  • Reusable, multi-use swab in case produced in different colors.
  • No IP so product can be copied.
  • Due to risk of copying, company should try to diversify distribution through online and offline resellers/retail as quickly as possible. Travel/aiport stores and through hotels might be a great uncommon retail market to break into because people traveling/vacation tend to be more impulsive with money spending. Great way to spread the product geographically by selling at travel focal points (like airport gift stores).
  • Partner with other companies selling products with swab uses may be a great fit to acquire customers and add value to another companies products.
  • Looking to expand beyond Last Swab to include “Last Items”; this will help it create brand beyond single product.
  • Company indicates mostly positive ROAS, so if breakeven ROAS is estimated at 2.0, then figure doing around 2.5 average, so back into the marketing spend from revenue.
  • Early success with crowdfunding but this is rarely an indicator of long-term staying power (See Can company figure out how to appeal to broader market beyond the early adopter crowdfunding crowd? See above ideas for retail distribution and partnerships.

On point with trends in sustainability/less waste, great product with multi-uses in many colors to make it fun and personable, complete with carrying case. Potential for cross-marketing with other companies. Concerned about knock-offs, which can be mitigated if the company can get into offline retail distribution as fast as possible and/or develop more “last item” products.