My name is Ed Soehnel and I do consumer product startups. I sold one company, built five and crashed two and am the founder of Basecamp InQb8r.

It’s genesis started in 2008, when I began writing online about strategies and tactics for consumer product startups. Writing was a way for me to clarify my thoughts and became part of my knowledgebase so I did not have to keep everything in my head.

My ideas for how to capture, organize and share my knowledgebase continued to evolve and in 2017, I published the first iteration of Basecamp InQb8r.  Since then, I have substantially evolved the platform based on learnings from and participation by other startups and companies to where it is today.

As a consumer product entrepreneur, Basecamp InQb8r currently has most of what I would be looking for in an online platform to help me develop, launch and grow, including:

  1. Education that teaches me the comprehensive basics to develop, launch and grow a consumer product company, while also staying current with industry and marketplace practices;
  2. A knowledge board that has current strategies and tactics working in the marketplace that I can include in my company, while also helping me stay abreast of key news and trends;
  3. A forum for Q&A and peer-to-peer advisory;
  4. Data on other consumer product startups and companies so I can see how I compare and potentially model in my company;
  5. A list of curated resources I can tap to help me grow, including additional education sources, mentors/advisors, investors, vendors and events.

Future Directions

My ideas for how Basecamp InQb8r might evolve include the following:

  1. It may stay roughly like it is now, as a knowledge platform with education and resources for all members to learn from each other.  I still like to grow companies as an operator so it may only be a side project that I maintain and update and participate in with other members.
  2. It may evolve into a business, which is why I built in the capabilities for paid access to the data by investors and industry participants.
  3. As a business, it may further evolve into a fund that invests in member companies.
  4. Other components I would like build out include the following:
    • Develop the core elements of my technology stack (website, ecommerce cart & funnel, backend database) so that it is plug and play for new members – all they need to do is pay for a hosting account and design the look and feel;
    • Use big data in the marketplace to help design smart growth strategies.

More about me can be found at https://EdSoehnel.com.