Learn how to bring your product to market

Don’t waste your time and money. Learn what has worked so you can apply it to your startup.

Basecamp InQb8r is a free online platform for consumer product startups.

bring product to market through the learning section

This section teaches the basics to take a consumer product idea to $50 million in annual sales.  To see curriculum specifics of what you will learn,  click here.

bring product to market through knowledge boards

This section includes a forum for us to post the best strategies and tactics that are working now and a place for Q&A and discussion.

bring product to market through the data platform

This section delivers insights into Basecamp InQb8r members so that you can model in your startup, and a datasets of external resources for consumer product startups.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Consumer product startups with physical products. This includes direct-to-consumer (also called business to consumer – B2C) and/or wholesale vendors (also called business to business to consumer – B2B2C).
  • All startups, including ones in the idea/pre-launch phase are encouraged to join.
  • Based in Canada or the United States.

Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status

Platform Status August 12 2019

I have completely moved the platform out of my personal website (where it was housed since its original launch in 2017) and onto its own domain.  The platform is live but on beta release. Links, navigation, domains, SSL, captchas, etc.  will be checked/fixed in the next week.  I am also tweaking the application and the backend database and still have [...]

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