Basecamp InQb8r Summary

Started by a repeat-consumer product startup veteran, Basecamp InQb8r collects large amounts of qualitative and quantitative data on the consumer product market, enhances it through human analysis and computer algorithms, and adds varying degrees of structure to it so that it can be categorized and easily found for later use.

The end goal is to use this consumer product business intelligence, along with how it is structured in our platform, to help consumer product participants – including startups, investors, vendors, manufacturers, service providers, government and non-profits – understand, navigate and profit from the consumer product marketplace.

Our platform is organized into the five silos summarized below, with varying levels of access provided on a subscription basis. We also use our data and our platform to provide consulting services to consumer product marketplace participants.

This component teaches the comprehensive basics to take a consumer product idea to $50 million in annual sales. Learn methods that can lead to more sales – faster – and can make a company and its products more appealing to consumers, resellers and investors, with less risk.  Click here to see curriculum specifics.

bring product to market through knowledge boards

This component is about continued learning of the latest growth strategies and tactics and industry and marketplace trends which we publish on a regular basis in a forum-based format.

bring product to market through the data platform

This component has three primary datasets, which includes: (1) The Company Database delivers insights into consumer product startups and companies; (2) The Resources Database includes organizations with industry resources, such as knowledgebases, mentors & advisors, events & tradeshows, accelerators, investors, lenders and more; (3) The Distribution Database contains distribution companies, including platforms, resellers, retailers, wholesalers and affiliates. Click here to see all the available datasets and reports.

bring product to market through event calendar

This component captures all Canadian and U.S. consumer product companies – from very-early stage through conglomerate – in one database, which can be used to filter and analyze data across different variables to identify startup and product trends, understand the competitive landscape, who is gaining traction and why, and much more.

bring product to market through event calendar

The calendar includes Q&A conference call events for Basecamp InQb8r members to join in and ask questions for their specific needs.

Consider Us Your Launching Point – Your Basecamp – To Help You Grow


Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates: 12/1/19-12/14/19

This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from December 01-15, 2019 Feature image: the most effective platform for retail sales from survey of marketers Platform Updates Summary We have moved away from a sharing and participatory platform where members can submit to the Knowledge Base and the databases because no one was participating and in talking to some members, they really just wanted the information. We are [...]

Consulting Services

We work on a consulting basis with consumer product marketplace participants in the following ways

Startups and Small Growing Consumer Product Companies

For startups or growing consumer product companies that need additional assistance beyond what they gain from our platform, we can work to help them develop, lunch and grow.

Investors, Vendors, Manufacturers, Service providers, Government and Non-profits

 Examples for how we work with these participants include the following:

  • By using our data and platform for consumer product business intelligence to help them filter and analyze information across different variables to identify startup and product trends, understanding the competitive landscape, who is gaining traction and why, and much more;

  • With prospect development, by identifying and locating consumer product companies for investment in, partnership with, intellectual property licensing, co-marketing relationships or as customers.

  • As an outsourced entrepreneur-in-residence, where we can use the Basecamp InQb8r platform to help us efficiently incubate startups for others.

Please contact us for more information about our consulting services.