Basecamp InQb8R Summary

Started by a repeat-consumer product startup veteran, Basecamp InQb8r is for startups and growing consumer product companies.

The inspiration for how to model Basecamp InQb8r comes from the components that have helped us succeed with our companies, including:

  • Education: know what to do, how to do it and when, while also staying current with industry and marketplace practices;
  • Industry and Marketplace intelligence: staying current on the strategies and tactics working in the marketplace, while also staying abreast of key news and trends that we can take advantage of;
  • Mentoring and advice: getting input and feedback from others to help us with our challenges;
  • Data: get data on others to compare and potentially model in our own company;
  • Resources:  find outside resources to help grow, including, education, mentors/advisors, incubators/accelerators, crowdfunding, seed/angel investors, venture capital/private equity investors, lenders, networking/events,  distributors/resellers and vendors.

These components above can be time consuming to develop, maintain and extract value from if each of us did it on our own. Our goal is to take these components and combine them into one online platform that has high quality, curated content to help consumer product startups and companies grow.

Consider us your launching point – your basecamp – to help you grow.

Basecamp InQb8R’s Main Sections for Startups

bring product to market through the learning section

This section teaches the comprehensive basics to take a consumer product idea to $50 million in annual sales. Learn methods that can lead to more sales – faster – and can make a company and its products more appealing to consumers, resellers and investors, with less risk.  Click here to see curriculum specifics.

bring product to market through knowledge boards

This section is about continued learning of the latest growth strategies and tactics and industry and marketplace trends, while also providing an online forum for members to engage in Q&A and peer-to-peer advisory.

bring product to market through the data platform

This section delivers insights into Basecamp InQb8r members and other consumer product startups and companies so that you can model in your startup or company, and curated datasets of external resources. Click here to see the datasets available.

bring product to market through event calendar

The calendar includes events for Basecamp InQb8r members.

Eligibility and Requirements

General membership requirements include:

  • Consumer product startups and companies with physical products. This includes direct-to-consumer (also called business to consumer – B2C) and/or wholesale vendors (also called business to business to consumer – B2B2C).
  • All startups and companies, including ones in the idea/pre-launch phase are encouraged to join.
  • Selling in Canada and/or the United States markets.

Please click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about cost, time commitment and other important details


How We Work With Marketplace Participants

Understanding, identifying, locating, vetting and working with early-stage consumer product startups and small companies is what we do. This ecosystem has traditionally been very hard, inefficient and opaque to operate in because of the lack of available information. To help solve this problem for our own platform, we’ve had to design and build our own marketplace intelligence tools and processes, which are also of value to other consumer product marketplace participants, including investors, vendors, manufacturers, service providers, government and non-profits. We work with these participants in a few different ways:

  1. By providing access to our data and tools for marketplace intelligence, which can be used for filtering and analyzing data across different variables to identify startup and product trends, understanding the competitive landscape, who is gaining traction and why, and much more;
  2. With prospect development, by identifying and locating early-stage consumer product companies for investment in, partnership with, intellectual property licensing, co-marketing relationships or as customers.
  3. As an outsourced entrepreneur-in-residence, where we can use the platform to help us efficiently incubate startups for others.

Please contact us for more information about our data, tools and services.

Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates: 11/01/19-11/14/19

This post includes Basecamp InQb8r Platform Status & Updates from November 1-14, 2019 Feature image: across-the-board average conversion metrics. Platform Updates Summary There are more improvements to the Companies Database. We have added child tables for Monthly Active User (MAU), company valuation, and patents, so that we can track companies results over time, rather than getting a new number and overwriting what is in the database. Now, the table [...]